Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 18

New submissions for this week. We continue to get pieces from out of state, which is exciting. Simon Warren is from the UK and his piece (No. 124, below) is a large scale hanging. Thanks to all artists, from near and far, who continue to submit their wonderful  mail art. Our deadline is September 30. Can't wait to see what is coming up next!

Dawn Mudore, Freeport IL | No. 113
Richard Canard, Carbondale, IL | No. 114
Unknown  | No. 115 
Human Artist Vending Machine  | No. 116
Human Artist Vending Machine | No. 117
Dawn Mudore, Freeport, IL | No. 118
Sylvia Megerdichian, Upland, CA | No. 119
Dawn Mudore, Freeport, IL | No. 120
Sylvia Mgerdichian, Upland, CA | No. 121
Unknown | No. 122
Richard Canard, Carbondale, IL. | No. 123
Simon Warren, UK | No. 124